Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate
Research Assistants

The MOSB Lab includes multiple positions for undergraduate and post-baccalaureate research assistants. These positions entail the completion of various aspects of the research process, such as conducting literature searches, creating surveys or coding computer-based research tasks, IRB application authorship, running participants through experimental protocols, cleaning, scoring, and transcribing data, data analysis, and project dissemination (such as peer reviewed manuscripts and conference presentations). Research assistants are also involved in community member and provider suicide prevention training and outreach events at LSU and in the community conducted by the lab and  


If you are interested in working in the MOSB Lab, please email Dr. Tucker directly (rtucker1@lsu.edu). 

Doctoral Students in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Tucker is excited to mentor bright graduate students in the APA accredited PhD program in Clinical Psychology at LSU. The clinical program's website details information regarding clinical training and the broader program, and I encourage you to check out our MOSB Laboratory Values if you are interested in working with us!


Please email Dr. Tucker directly for more information (rtucker1@lsu.edu). 

Community Partners

We aim to benefit our local and broader communities through our research, training, and outreach. We also rely heavily on community partners for their invaluable input regarding our work and access to their resources to publicize and complete our research. 

If you or your organization is interested in working with the MOSB Lab, please email Dr. Tucker directly (rtucker1@lsu.edu).